miércoles, 29 de diciembre de 2010


hey my lovely shoesaholics!!!hey did you noticed that is like snowing in the blog!!! haha ok you can only see the flakes in the very right and only if you move the mouse a lot but i'm really excited!!! my blog is the only part of seville where is snowing!so i'd like to say tank you to BARNEYS LOVERS who explained me how to do it .you can see her amazing blog here.
hola!!! habeis notado que parece q nieva en el blog!!! vale solo se puede ver a la derecha del todo y si mueves mucho el raton pero estoy emocionadaa!!queria agradecerselo a barneys lovers q me lo explico ya q yo de ordenadores no entiendo mucho.podeis ver su blog aqui

today i took everything that have hools in my house: this lace short( which are actuully a playsuit)my crochet scarf and this lovely oxfords.
hoy he arrasado con todo lo que tenia hoyitos en mi casa: los pantalones de encaje ( en verdad es un mono) el pañuelo de croché y estos oxfords.
blanco lace shorts,stradivarious scarf and oxfords,calcedonia tights,dady's jumper.

                                                        thanks to all my followers!!!!

lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010


inventing a name for the post it's too hard for me...whatever..the other day i went shopping with my sister and mum and i was getting bored  ,when we went to stradivarious and i saw chuck bass in one of the t-shirts!! he's so hottttt in those tees omfg i want one!!my mum was looking at the tee frowning and asked me who was he while i was shouting in the shop...i really love him...i want the new episodes NOW!!!

dady's jumper,DIYshorts

jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

only thing we have on is the radio

i know i tell u i was going to post the photos of the concert ..i'm sorry but i took hundreds and it's so hard for me to select and edit all of them ..so i'll do this during the weekend .well her there are some photos that are also from a few days ago.

i think i'm going to change a bit the appearance of the blog...maybe during christmas...do u want me to write in spanish??

lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010


after one week ,here they are the photos  i took in barcelona.in the next post i'll show you the ones that i took in the concert ..but they aren't really good...hope u like them anyway.
here i am in front of " la Sagrada Familia"
more me
holding the bag we give to my  older sister for her bday.love it

and here is my sister!! she's 19 .but she looks smaller than me don't you think??

more me

more me..but in the park Guell..gorgeus place.

more me with my new boots and glasses

sister and me(yeap.we share clothes)in the vintage store of CUSTO.
jumper : from my dad
leggings : zara
boots : berska
my sister
coat : zara
boots : stradivarius
scarf : oysho
bag : louis vuitton


jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

stop stealing my heart away

hi!!! after such a lot time of not posting i have this outfit for you.My mum and i went a few weeks ago to buy some black -basic tights because our old ones were broken.So when one day when i wanted to wear them ,i realised they weren't just black-basic tights.at first i was like wtf!! i want my money back!! but once i tried them i started to like them ...but i'm not totally convinced yet...

 so what do u think??hey!there's only 5 days left for GAGA's concert!!! i'll try to take as many photos as i can and i'll post them..