domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

gap teeth , the latest beauty world obsession

Both Chanel and  Rimmel have just signed gap-toothed girls as the faces of their newest campaigns: Georgia Jagger, Vanessa Paradis that  will be the "smile" behind Chanel's new line of lipstick, Rouge Coco de Chanel and the model Lara Stone .
                                         Georgia Jagger

                                         Vanessa Paradis

The trend could be just a Brigitte Bardot thing; the gap-toothed actress.

 The gap-tooth beauty trend is another example of the evolution of beauty. What it is saying is, you no longer need to be a blond with blue eyes and a perfect simle to be and fell beautifull.
I personally think that…why  the gap between the teeth have to be “superchic” when I just had my braces removed after two years because I wanted to close it??life is unfair...but..well you just have to be happy , laught ,and show your smile  althought is not more braces ,no more complexes ,just be you ,be natural.

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  1. Love Vanessa Paradis!!*
    Amazing blog!*

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  2. vanessa paradiss is really cuteeee!= )

  3. it is unfair, indeed... extreamly unfair. how people look at you and change their mind just because fashion now says that having an "ugly smile" (as it was used to been known) its now chic.
    im glad models who are "aparently not perfect" are on the top, showing the world its ok to be like that.
    i have a quite big gap theet and have been hearing my whole life how ugly that was. now people love it. la gente esta loca

  4. It’s kinda impressive that these models still bloom and look so pretty despite of their gapped tooth. Well, that’s the beauty of being natural – you’ll always look good. I won’t be surprised if male models with gapped tooth will look just as good as these women.

  5. Gapped-tooth models are becoming a common sight in the fashion world today. It must be because people are always looking for something new. But did you know that this trend actually began in the 1950’s? Brigitte Bardot, the girl you mentioned above, was a French fashion model who pioneered this trend. She turned her oral “imperfection” into one of the defining features of her overall appeal.

  6. Cintia, you don’t have to change your mind on how you should look just because of the latest beauty trend. And personally, I agree with your opinion too, if I have a tooth gap, I’ll run right straight to my dentist to have it corrected. Don’t let the fad dictates how you perceive yourself. :-)

    Jamar Schaffer

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