domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

it's fall!!

nop.I don't like fall at all, this is just the title of most of the blogs i've read...why are they all so glad that it's fall?? it's a horrible season,schools start,weather changes so much that you don't know what to wear and just when you're wearing sandals,it rains...and  everything become brown:clothes, grass,leaves...everything!!

and because of all that i came up with such a great idea ( well ,not that great):every day of this week i'm gonna wear something green in order to remember this summer,the best summer in my whole life.
 anad i want the people that reads this to do the same as me:wear something, green no matter what( nail polish,bracelets, make up ,tees).and please tell me if you do this or not(but please say something!!) and if you do ,show me your outfits!! how?? well tou can e-mail me at
3....2......1..... THE GREEN WEEK START!!

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  1. green sucks! x'D i cannot stop thinking about school uniform..